Zoom meeting in progress
What is remote or online mediation?
This is mediation conducted online or by telephone and is particularly useful when parties cannot meet together in person for a variety of reasons

How does it work?
• Platforms such as Zoom or Teams to conduct the meetings
• Breakout rooms create private areas to preserve confidentiality for private sessions with the mediator and bring parties together for joint meetings where that is needed

Why is it so important and what are the advantages?
• Can be in home environment so convenient and less stressful
• Saves time
• Removes venue costs
• Removes travel costs
• Can allow a flexible approach to mediation with sessions taking place at times to suit the participants

Transparent fees
We offer complete fee transparency with fixed fees so there are no surprises
Remote mediation
Call Holt Mediation now on 07771 728910
Call Holt Mediation now on 07771 728910

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