Andrew Holt - chief mediator
Andrew Holt

I am a solicitor and mediator who has specialised in dispute resolution, commercial and civil litigation since 1993. I trained in the City of London before moving to Sussex and later becoming managing partner of a firm of solicitors. Having been involved in hundreds of mediations since the 1990s, I now specialise in mediating property disputes and wills, probate and inheritance disputes.

I am passionate about mediation, the benefits which it can bring to those involved in conflict and the opportunities it presents for better relationships in business and family lives. It is also an ethical and responsible way of resolving disputes, providing access to justice for ordinary people and businesses. I have also seen how it can create a level playing field for those facing unfairness or who feel that they have not been heard.

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Carbon Emission Pledge

Holt Mediation is a supporter of and signatory to the World Mediators Alliance on Climate Change (WoMACC) Green Pledge. We have committed to minimising the environmental impact of each mediation in which we are involved in the ways outlined in the Green Pledge, including avoiding unnecessary travel and using electronic technology wherever possible. We are also committed to encouraging those with whom we mediate similarly to minimise their carbon emissions. The Green Pledge is included in our terms of business.

We invite our clients to give consideration to the Green Pledge.
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About Holt Mediation
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Disputes come in all shapes and sizes therefore it is important to have a clear idea of the objective of mediation; to try to achieve a resolution all parties find acceptable on a sensible, compromise basis. We specialise in two key areas where mediation brings benefits; property disputes and wills and probate. If you need help in these areas, take a look at the overview panels below where mediation can really make a difference.
Call Holt Mediation now on 07771 728910

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