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Mediation increases the likelihood that everyone will follow through on the agreement reached, and help achieve solutions for the long term – and helps improve future relationships. There are also many other reasons to choose Holt Mediation:

Outstanding service
From our first contact, whether you are a legal professional or represent yourself, we guarantee an outstanding service and utmost care and consideration to all our clients and the professionals we work with.

We operate an ethical and responsible way of resolving disputes (producing win/win rather than win/lose or lose/lose scenarios).
We are regulated by the Civil Mediation Council and follow the EU Model Code of Conduct for Mediators.

We are a supporter of and signatory to the Green Pledge, the World Mediators Alliance on Climate Change (WoMACC), meaning that we have committed to minimising the environmental impact of each mediation in which we are involved in the ways outlined in the pledge, including avoiding unnecessary travel and using electronic technology wherever possible.

We take care of all the necessary administration including the mediation agreement, help with what documents to prepare, pre-mediation discussions and venue booking if needed.
Why choose Holt Mediation
Call Holt Mediation now on 07771 728910
The role of a mediator is to be an impartial third party who assists the parties in conflict to reach a voluntary, mutually beneficial resolution. Holt mediation is perfectly placed to offer impartial mediation and by drawing on experience, help resolve all issues important to the parties, not just the underlying legal dispute.
Call Holt Mediation now on 07771 728910

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